UN ready to help government, people of Zimbabwe: Dujarric

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The United Nations has reacted to the Constitutional Court ruling in Zimbabwe, urging the country to come together in the aftermath of Friday’s judgement.

In conversation with the SABC News’ Sherwin Bryce-Pease, the Secretary General’s Spokesperson Stephane Dujarric says,  “We’ve seen the result and we’ve also heard the pledges made by the opposition, made by the government, all those involved to ensure a peaceful election.

“I think what’s important moving forward is that the government work with the opposition. That the voices of civil society which have been so important in the election be heard and the voices of the opposition be heard in terms of how the country moves forward. It’s important for the country to come together now that the decision has been taken and of course the UN is ready standing by to help the government and the people of Zimbabwe in whatever way they can.”

Sherwin Bryce-Pease: A call that the SG had with Mnangaawa and opposition leader Nelson Chamisa – after the election, called also for the independence of the courts and judiciary to be upheld – are you satisfied that the Constitution Court ruling was a reflection of that independence?

“Yes, I think it was an important call for the Secretary General to make before, now the Court has made its decision and I think its important for everyone in Zimbabwe to come together.”