UN fails to agree on the developing situation in Sudan

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A divided United Nations Security Council failed to agree to a statement on the developing situation in Sudan despite a number of western countries calling for a firm condemnation of the violent attacks by security services against civilians in Khartoum.

The offensive against protestors camped outside the military headquarters on June 3rd resulted in the killing of more than 30 people with many more injured, prompting Germany and the United Kingdom to call for the emergency session.

They emerged after the closed-door consultations without a unified position.

After being briefed by the Secretary General’s Special Envoy, Nicholas Haysom, who will play a mediation role in conjunction with African Union efforts.

“The African Union has really taken a lead in indicating a clear position and the objective it would like to see in Sudan which is a transfer of power to a civilian authority and I think in the UN we’ve clearly expressed support for that and will not be establishing separate and parallel initiatives but putting our back to the wheel.”

South Africa’s Ambassador said he reiterated the position of the African Union, its condemnation of the violence and urged deference to the AU’s Peace and Security Council meeting on the same matter later Wednesday.

Jerry Matjila says,“We talked through the AUPSC and the AU Commission which the statement which we repeated in the Council. Similar to that which the AU Chairperson Faki has issued, so that’s what we said, we repeated and they will wait for the AUPSC statement tomorrow but in the council no agreement.”

The European Union condemned the actions by security forces and expressed support for AU calls for a return to civilian rule. Polish Ambassador Joanna Wronecka spoke for a group of eight EU member states.

“These attacks jeopardize the important transition process. We urge the Sudanese security services to cease all acts of violence, respect human rights and fundamental freedoms, and to ensure the safety and security of civilians. We call for an immediate cessation of violence and accountability for crimes committed and underline the responsibility of the Transitional military council in ensuring the safety of all Sudanese. The unilateral announcement to cease negotiations, appoint a government and call for elections within a too short period of time is of great concern.”

Diplomats told SABC News that China, supported by Russia blocked a consensus statement from Council- prompting us to chase after the Russian Ambassador Dmitry Polyanskiy who tried to slip away.

“It’s a question of sending a signal that would really help the situation not spoil the situation, that’s why we should be very cautious and we shouldn’t rush and we shouldn’t issue unbalanced documents. It’s not only Russia and Chinese position, was African position as well so its kind’ve manipulation to say Russia and China were defending one stance and the others we against. This is what some countries would like to see but it’s far from reality.”

The UN Secretary General’s spokesperson Stephane Dujarric earlier called on the security forces not to use excessive force against civilians and to allow unimpeded access to medical facilities in the country.