The United Nations says it is close to completing an investigation into a video that purportedly shows an official having sex in the back seat of a marked UN vehicle in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The video shows a woman in a red dress straddling a man in the back seat of a 4X4 with UN marking with individuals thought to be assigned to the UN Truce Supervisions Organisation sitting in the front seat.

The video clearly shows the activities in the back of the car when it comes to a traffic stop before driving off. As the vehicle departs, the video veers away from the car for a moment before returning when suddenly the UN markings on the vehicle disappear, initially raising questions about its authenticity.

UN Spokesperson Stephane Dujarric indicated that they were shocked and deeply disturbed by the video’s content, calling the behaviour abhorrent and going against everything the organisation stands for. The Office of Internal Oversight Services is leading the investigation with expectations that the process will be concluded quickly with prompt action taken.

The UN has for years been working to arrest cases of sexual abuse and exploitation within its ranks in missions around the world.