uMkhonto we Sizwe ready to take over from ANC: Zuma

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uMkhonto we Sizwe party leader, Jacob Zuma, says his party is ready to outshine the African National Congress (ANC) in the national and provincial elections.

Zuma addressed supporters and members of his party during a closing rally held at Emalahleni in Mpumalanga on Sunday.

He urged members to go out in their numbers to vote for the MK Party, adding that the party will establish a decent government that will listen to its people.

He says when his party takes over from the ruling party, it would change some of the country’s laws.

MK Party Youth League Leader, Mnqobi Msezane, says they are ready to take over.

“There are many things that we are aware of but we are assuring our masses and supporters we are going to be there in all wards, we will come unannounced, we not going to cause anarchy or chaos but we are going to be there to ensure that we guard against all shinanigans, that now they are trying, by all means, to ensure that they are destructing us and they diluting our understanding and focus and we remain focus in saying, our people are going to vote for uMkhonto weSizwe and win this election outright.”

Party members and supporters who attended the rally say they are confident that the new party will win the elections.

They say service delivery concerns they had been raising have not been addressed.

“I think for me the reason why I am a South African and I want to vote for uMkhonto…I’m voting for change. I would like to see black people being able to sustain their families…it is not about fighting anyone but is more about fixing our country.”

The party’s provincial coordinator, Marry Phadi, says preparations to take over the government of Mpumalanga are at an advanced stage.

During the party’s last provincial rally in Hammarsdale, west of Durban on Sunday, the party said it is confident of obtaining a two-thirds majority victory.

VIDEO | MK Party holds its final election rally: