People receiving water from the Midmar Dam in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands have been assured that the drinking water is safe. This comes after it emerged earlier this week that water from the nearby Mpophomeni ponds and water streams had been contaminated by sewage.

However, water utility Umgeni Water has allayed fears, saying their officials are working hard to maintain good water quality.

Umgeni Water spokesperson, Shami Harichunder, maintains the water is safe to drink.

“The information that has been disseminated on social media referring to water being unsafe that is completely untrue. We are giving an assurance to all consumers when they open the taps and water comes from Midmar, that water is safe to drink; they should have no concern about the quality of water.”

Meanwhile, KZN Wildlife spokesperson, Musa Mtambo, says the affected parts of the Midmar Dam have been cordoned off to wildlife and they will continue to monitor the quality of the water.

“Sometime in August we became aware of the extent of the sewage spill in Midmar dam, but it was a small section of the dam called Delo. The dam is safe, there is no spillage in all of the dam, only the small section . We have stopped fishing in that area and well birds are no longer allowed towards that area.”

Harichunder says last week’s rain contributed to the sewage overflow into the dam.

Umgeni Water says their water pump station at the Midmar Dam was not affected by the sewage spill.