Umdloti community in KZN clean-up local beach after floods

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Community members from Umdloti on Durban’s north coast, have come together to clean-up their beach following the devastating floods.

This as the world turns its focus to World Oceans Day this week.

In the aftermath of the KwaZulu-Natal floods in April and May, community members cleaned debris that washed off onto the beach. Organiser Georgina O’Connell says the community has united and supported each other.

“Our community has so needed upliftment. I’ve been in America and missed the second flood and realised that it took the second flood to be noticed, our little community Umdloti has been completely broken and our second flood really put us on the map and oh my word the community has come together, the council has come together, South Africa has come together today right here at Umdloti beach. And honestly a little community like ours, we need each other.”

Challenge to clean-up Durban’s beaches

Green Corridor, a Durban-based environmental organisation, challenged communities to participate in a beach clean-up this weekend.

In the aftermath of the floods, volunteers have already collected several tons of waste for recycling.

Clean-up operations under way in KZN beaches:

Green Corridors Litterboom Co-ordinator, Siphiwe Rakgabale said they need support in reducing the waste.

“Well, there is too much waste going towards the sea or the ocean. We are having an issue for now. An example  of the floods, there was so much waste going towards the sea.”

Rakgabale says the clean-up usually takes two hours. “By coming to the Greenhub, normally the clean-up starts at 8 and finishes at 10. So, most of our clean-ups take 2 hours. So people are allowed to come for any amount of time because we want them to be part of these clean-ups because we want them to see how much waste comes out. The more they come to these clean-ups, the more they can reduce that waste.”