Angry students at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) students are demanding new furniture and improved living conditions.

On Sunday night, the students threw their beds from the ten storey student residence building on Hospital Road in the Point area in Durban.

Steel beds frames and other debris were strewn across the road. Riot police, metro police and university security personnel were called in to help restore order.

Police are monitoring the situation around the UKZN residence in the Point area in Durban. Police spokesperson, Thulani Zwane, says police were called in to help restore order.

“Last night yes, we did receive complaints that there were some students who were inside their residents and they were complaining of accommodation and so on. They were throwing some objects out of their windows onto the roads. Last night when I last received information, there were no serious incidents reported,” says Zwane.

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