The University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) has put together a group of clinical and health experts to help with research on the coronavirus outbreak.

The university has launched a so-called war room where the research will be done to help find ways to fight the outbreak.

The Dean of the School of Nursing and Public Health, Professor Musa Moshabela, says people should be armed with the knowledge to avoid public panic.

“We want to try and see how we could prevent the scourge of the virus from affecting our community. We need to ensure that people have correct information do we can minimize fear, panic, violence and stampedes. Information will help people to know what to do, in terms of breaking the transmission of the infection. There are a whole lot of measures that people can take to prevent transmission. Lastly it’s about making sure that when people have symptoms, people know what to do,” says Moshabela.

Moshabela says part of their job is to also research strategic ways to fight the scourge.

“Part of the work we are doing in our war room is to learn the facts about this virus as it expands as the research comes out all this infection control measures are the ones that will help us prevent people from getting it. In terms of the specifics of information we are still going to learn more as information emerge,” says Moshabela.

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