Ukraine accuses Russian snipers of abusing child, gang raping mother

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Ukraine has accused two Russian soldiers of sexually assaulting a four-year-old girl and gang raping her mother at gunpoint in front of her father, as part of widespread allegations of abuse during the more than one-year-long invasion.

According to Ukrainian prosecution files seen by Reuters, the incidents were among a spree of sex crimes Russian soldiers of the 15th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade committed in four homes of Brovary district near the capital Kyiv in March 2022.

Russia’s Defence Ministry did not respond to a request for comment. Phone numbers listed for the brigade were out of order. Two officials at the Samara Garrison, of which the brigade is apart, said they were unable to give contacts for the unit when contacted by Reuters, with one saying they were classified.

During Moscow’s failed push to capture Kyiv after its Feb. 24 invasions, soldiers entered Brovary a few days later, looting and using sexual violence as a deliberate tactic to terrorise the population, says the Ukrainian prosecutors.

“They singled out the women beforehand, coordinated their actions and their roles,” says the prosecutors, whose 2022 documents were based on interviews with witnesses and survivors.

Most of the alleged atrocities took place on March 13, when soldiers “in a state of alcoholic intoxication, broke into the yard of the house where a young family lived,” the prosecutors alleged.

The father was beaten with a metal pot then forced to kneel while his wife was gang raped. One of the soldiers told the four-year-old girl he “will make her a woman” before she was abused, say the documents .

The family survived, though prosecutors said they are investigating additional crimes in the area including murders during the same period. President Vladimir Putin’s government, which says it is fighting Western-backed “neo-Nazis” in Ukraine, has repeatedly denied allegations of atrocities.

It has also denied that its military commanders are aware of sexual violence by soldiers. The soldiers were snipers, aged 32 and 28, the files says, adding that the former had died while the younger, named as Yevgeniy Chernoknizhniy, returned to Russia.