Uganda’s Wine wants military ‘out’ of election

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Opposition leader Bobi Wine has called on Uganda’s electoral commission to “take charge or resign.” His campaigning ahead of next year’s presidential election has been marred by chaotic clashes with security forces in which a close friend was injured.

Wine has been on the road campaigning ahead of an election next month in which he hopes to unseat Yoweri Museveni – one of Africa’s longest-ruling leaders.

He accuses security forces of targeting his campaign: Detaining, beating and killing his supporters.

On Tuesday, Wine’s friend and music producer Daniel Oyerwot, known as Dan Magic, was reportedly hit in the face by a rubber bullet.

“Today, they attacked us, shot various people in the legs, and producer Dan Magic who was right next to me, had his face shot at and teeth removed. ”

The police said supporters of Wine’s National Unity Platform party had attacked security personnel and disrupted traffic.

They said three people, including Oyerwot, had been injured by “teargas fragments” as police and the military dispersed the crowds.

According to Wine, his head of security was also injured. “We have asked them to prevail over the police and the military, and tell them to keep out of this election especially the military.”

According to President Museveni, 54 people were killed last month as police and the military quelled riots that erupted after Wine was arrested for alleged violation of lockdown rules.

Many in Uganda fear the violence will only escalate ahead of the January 14 poll.