Uganda needs billions for refugee crisis

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Uganda is seeking at least $8 billion for the next four years to support refugees hosted in the East African nation.

The country’s Minister for Refugees Hilary Onek says hosting 1.3 million refugees has stretched the country’s resources.

Onek says Uganda will seek the assistance of the international community during a two-day solidarity summit on refugees to be hosted in the capital Kampala this week.

Uganda is currently hosting 1.3 million refugees from at least five countries.

Most of the refugees are from South Sudan.

Government and aid agencies working in Uganda says resources are stretched to the limit and help is not reaching all those in need.

Onek says, “We are struggling on a daily basis. All our services including health, infrastructure, and schooling are overloaded. We need help and we need it now.”

An UN appeal for $1.4 billion is only 18% funded, the World Food Programme has also cut its food rations and classrooms are bursting at the seams.

Uganda’s Commissioner for Refugees , David Kazungu says, “As of now, we require about $2 billion, of this $960 million will go towards humanitarian assistance projects in and around Uganda.”

– By Sarah Kimani