Concerns over the attacks on foreigners in South Africa continue to grow across the continent.

In Uganda, legislators are demanding that their Ministry of Foreign Affairs secures the safety of Ugandans living in South Africa.

Members of Parliament in Uganda have condemned the recent spate of attacks that have seen foreign residents targetted in Johannesburg.

The lawmakers are urging African governments to come together to find solutions to the predicament.

At least ten people have been killed in the violence.

Both Uganda’s foreign ministry and the South African Commission are working to establish the safety of Ugandan nationals in the affected cities. South Africa High Commissioner to Uganda, Professor Solly Mollo, has urged that a solution must be found to this impasse.

“This is not time for us to start blaming one another. People have lost their lives, people have lost their livelihoods. It is time for us to stop and reconnect. We belong to one continent. We are one people.”

Ugandans make a small percentage of the more than 3 million foreigners living in South Africa. The majority are engaged in business while others are studying in the country.

South African businesses have extensive interests in Uganda, with several retail and telecommunications companies operating in the country.

Violence has flared in a number of other African countries in response to the attacks in South Africa.

However, there have been no reports of disorder in Uganda.