United Democratic Movement (UDM) leader Bantu Holomisa says he has requested President Cyril Ramaphosa to extend the mandate of the State Capture Commission to include alleged dodgy deals at the Public Investment Corporation (PIC).

Holomisa has written to the President regarding deals between the PIC and two investment companies, Lebashe and Harith General Partners.

Lawyers for the two companies have demanded that Holomisa retract the allegations, but he has remained defiant.

Holomisa says the inquiry should focus on the manager of the Government Pension Fund at the PIC, Abel Sithole.

“Who [Abel Sithole] is the one who approves and give instructions for approval to these companies? No payment would go out of PIC without his knowledge. I’m accusing him – that he seemed to be doling out all these billions to these friends of his.”

“There is still a lot of more things to come out in the open. All what we have done in the UDM is just to say Mr President, why is there no action taken? We suggested a way forward – for him to say extend the powers of the current commission of inquiry, so that they can verify the authenticity or otherwise of these allegations,” adds the UDM leader.