UDM calls on govt to enforce laws against refugees, asylum seekers

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The United Democratic Movement (UDM) is calling on government to enforce the laws of the country against refugees and asylum seekers who continue to disrespect the laws of South Africa.

The UDM says the African Union should also come on board to intervene.

This comes after a video revealed how supporters of the leader Jean-Pierre Balous reportedly pushed and shoved police officers and court officials in the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court where Balous was appearing on charges of assault.

The group of refugees and asylum seekers was removed from Greenmarket square last month where they had been squatting since October last year, demanding to be taken to another country.

UDM Chief Whip Nqabayomzi Kwankwa says, “The South African government must stop being weak. It must enforce the laws of the Republic without fear, favour or prejudice. We cannot allow a situation where refugees and asylum seekers continue to terrorise Cape Town, continue to show or treat our laws with disdain. They continue to make unreasonable demands on the state with impunity. They continue to show disrespect for South Africa, her laws and her people.”