The University of Cape Town has confirmed that a proposal on mandatory vaccinations will be considered by its senate during a meeting on Friday.

The institution says it is expected that the matter will be debated fully before its council makes a final decision. Any decision on policy matters are taken by the university’s council.

UCT says it expects to have open engagements with students and staff on Thursday under the theme: “To vaccinate or not to vaccinate.”

The session will be addressed by molecular medicine expert, Professor Linda-Gail Bekker and Head of Vaccinology at Wits, Prof Shabir Madhi.

Discovery vaccination

Earlier this month, Discovery announced that it will make COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory for all staff from the start of 2022, following major global companies from banks to airlines in insisting on inoculation.

South Africa’s largest medical-scheme administrator is making the rule to ensure the safety of employees, according to a statement.

The Johannesburg-based company is involved in the rollout of doses in the country, and anticipates a spend of R200 million ($13.8 million) on the project in the 2022 fiscal year.

Discovery said that the mandatory vaccination policy recognises employees’ “right to object to the vaccination”, and will include a process to consider the “employee’s health, religious and other legal rights and seek to balance these with the rights of all employees across the group”.

Rights of businesses

Legal expert, Rupert Candy says South Africa will struggle to protect citizens, especially workers, from mandatory vaccines.

Candy believes the rights of businesses often outweighs workers’ constitutional rights.

In the video below, he’s reacting to growing concerns that most companies are implementing mandatory vaccines, while some workers do not want to be vaccinated: