UCT SRC confident in institutions online learning programme

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The University of Cape Town‘s (UCT) Student Representative Council says they are confident in the institution’s ability to assist students in gaining access to the necessary equipment to begin online learning.

UCT is joining the University of Johannesburg, Wits and Rhodes Universities, among others – to help students continue with their studies, without exposing them and staff to the coronavirus.

UCT says students who do not have computer or internet access are being provided with the necessary equipment. UCT SRC spokesperson, Declan Dyer, explains, “The UCT SRC does not reject online learning in its entirety. We wish to ensure that all students are well taken care of. Currently, with the measures in place by the university, once it reaches all students, hopefully, those students who are still affected will work with the institution to ensure they don’t fall behind. So, for the large part, we are confident.”

In the video below, UCT moves to online learning: 

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in South Africa: