UCT Senate to vote on whether to make COVID-19 vaccination mandatory or not at the institution

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The University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Senate will next week vote on a motion of whether to make vaccination mandatory at the institution or not. Discussions were also held online with students and staff  members on the issue.

The university’s council takes any decision on policy matters. University Spokesperson, Elijah Moholola says voting on the motion will take place electronically.

“UCT reiterates that any final decision on a matter of policy for the University will have to be a decision of the University Council. If taken forward, any decision on the motion will ultimately be made by Council as the university’s highest decision-making body. Council will consider the proposal thoroughly before coming to any decision,” says Moholola.

The University continues to encourage students and staff to get vaccinated.

In providing wider access to vaccination, the UCT Community of Hope Vaccination Centre, located at the University’s Forest Hill complex in Mowbray, will for the first time be operational on a Saturday this weekend,”adds Moholola.

The issue of mandatory vaccines:

Student bodies unite against mandatory vaccinations at higher learning institutions

Student bodies have united to say no to higher learning institutions compelling students to vaccinate for COVID-19. They say the move will violate students’ Constitutional rights.

This comes as higher education institutions are debating whether to make vaccinations mandatory.

The implementation of a mandatory vaccination policy by higher learning institutions is on the cards.

The pandemic has disrupted learning and forced higher education institutions to move to online classes.

The drive to mass vaccination is seen as a positive one that will ultimately lead to the re-introduction of one-on-one classes. But student formations say no students should be forced to vaccinate.

South African Union of Students’  Asive Dlanjwa says higher instructions must not force students to vaccinate.

“Universities must not be lazy, they must engage students intellectually and show them the scientific and the medical benefit of vaccinating. They must not force it and coerce them, is contravening their constitutional rights. So I think that is our stance with that, and by the way even the government, government is not at the point where it says citizens should be vaccinating mandatorily. These are public institutions. Why would they define themselves outside the general protocol and the understanding that government has with society at large? We’re saying there’s absolutely no place for it.”