UCT honours Chris Hani

Chris Hani
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The University of Cape Town has honoured struggle icon Chris Hani after renaming its new Science Lecture Theatre after him.

This month marks the 25th anniversary of the South African Communist Party (SACP) leader’s assassination.

The university says the lecture theatre will be upgraded to house the new science learning centre.

The refurbishment of the Chris Hani Lecture will cost R125 million.

Chris Hani’s daughter, Lindiwe Hani has welcomed the renaming of the building after her father.

She says: “It means that there’s change and there is evolution. That is always great. Every little step makes a difference.”

“As long as we are very careful not to bury history, because we need to keep it and learn from it. I am just glad that there is progress and that the university has taken on this incentive. I think its SASCO who pushed the initiative, so I love that the renaming was a student led initiative,” she says.