Uber working with stakeholders to address ‘incidents that go beyond the scope of the platform’

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E-hailing company, Uber says it is working at enhancing its safety features for both customers and drivers. This is as the three-day E-hailing drivers’ strike enters its second day.

E-hailing drivers call for the industry to be regulated


Operators are on strike over alleged exploitation by the company and the minimum base fare, which they say is too low.

They are also concerned about their safety, with drivers becoming victims of crimes such as hijackings and robbery.

Uber’s Head of Mobility Operations for Sub-Saharan Africa, Kagiso Khaole says the company sees itself as part of an ecosystem.

“Some of these incidents go beyond the Uber platform and we do see ourselves as part of that ecosystem. And that’s why we brought partners such as Aura and work together with different stakeholders such as law enforcement and community policing to be able to handle some of those incidents that go beyond the scope of the platform,” says Khaole.

Discussion on the strike by e-hailers: