UAE denies SA’s extradition request for Gupta family

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Justice Minister, Ronald Lamola, says the United Arab Emirates has denied South Africa’s extradition request for Rajesh and Atul Gupta.

The brothers were understood to have been in custody in a Dubai prison following last year’s high-profile arrest.

However, reports have emerged that the brothers were spotted in Switzerland late last month.

Gupta family members and associates are accused of fraudulent activities and state capture corruption. Lamola was speaking during a media briefing.

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On the 30th of March this year, the Department of Justice issued a statement saying the minister is awaiting an update on extradition application pertaining to Atul Gupta and Rajesh Gupta from the United Arab Emirates.

He also raised concerns that there is no update on the first court appearance of the Gupta brothers who are fugitives to determine whether there will be a hearing on the application for extradition.

The central authority has made a request for an urgent meeting between two central authorities and minister of justice and his counterpart in the United Arab emirates.

The spokesperson of the minister Crispin Phiri says the minister is not in a position to comment on this matter however this may change once the department is in the position to confirm the reports that the Gupta brothers are not behind bars in the United Arab Emirates.

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