Two unidentified SSA operatives rebut evidence from David Mahlobo

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It was another day of accusation and counter-accusation by officials from the State Security Agency (SSA) at the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture on Thursday. Two unidentified operatives from the SSA have rebutted the evidence from their former boss, David Mahlobo.

In an unprecedented manner, the country’s intelligence unit continued to wash its dirty linen in public at the Zondo Commission on Thursday.

The State Capture Commission hears SSA-related evidence: 

On Wednesday, former SSA Minister, David Mahlobo, was cautious about revealing some of their secrets, except denying that he was personally involved in the unit’s operations.

One operative, coded as Steven, alleged that Mahlobo interfered in the unit’s operations, paid judges to influence a case against his department and directly received monies from the agency for his operations and passed others to former President Jacob Zuma.

He also says Mahlobo bribed some judges to influence the case relating to the jamming of cell phones during the 2015 State of the Nation Address in Parliament.

Steven also said that Mahlobo received money from the SSA to run some operations in his department, something that another operative Frank disputed.

Frank also raised inaccuracies in the sums of monies that were bandit around.

In the end, they all conceded that the SSA is fraught with challenges, both political and administrative, urging President Cyril Ramaphosa to help rid the unit of rogue elements and restore its former glory.