Two prominent Westbury leaders arrested

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Two prominent Westbury leaders have been arrested following early morning protests in the Johannesburg township.

Residents took to the streets to protest the dropping of charges against two of the four people arrested for the murder of Westbury mother Heather Peterson.

She was killed after being caught in cross fire of a gun battle between alleged drug dealers in October.

A group of Westbury residents have gathered at the Sophiatown police station calling for the immediate release of their leaders.

Some of the leaders were at the forefront of the Westbury protests when it started in October this year.

The husband of one of the leaders is also present at the station. Police have confirmed the arrests of the two, a male and a female.

They have been charged with public violence and will appear before court soon.

Meanwhile, the situation is calm with just a few roads still blockaded with rocks, burnt tyres and debris.