Two presidential candidates in Zimbabwe under investigation

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Two presidential candidates in Zimbabwe’s elections are being investigated for allegedly flouting electoral laws.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has refused to name the second candidate. But on Sunday, the commission publicly announced that MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa was reported to police for allegedly campaigning after the deadline.

Even before the crack of dawn, the enthusiasm for the elections was palpable.

Farai Ndzonga was among the more than 5.6 million Zimbabweans rising early to make their mark.

As the hours passed, more snaking queues and some frustration.

The country’s opposition leader lambasted the ZEC for reporting him to the police.

Chamisa is accused of campaigning at this press conference after the deadline.

The Zimbabwe electoral commission came under fire for refusing to name the second presidential candidate who is under investigation for election law flouting, this after mentioning Chamisa by name on Monday.

Some say the same should apply to Emmerson Mnangagwa for campaigning on social media on Sunday.

This was an election punctuated by passion and expectation, voters hopeful that their choice will bring economic prosperity to the country.

Vote counting will start overnight and the results are expected by Thursday.

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