Two more suspects arrested in connection with Soweto tavern shooting

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Two more suspects linked to the Nomzamo tavern shooting in Soweto have been arrested. The shooting left 16 people dead and scores others injured when a group of unknown heavily armed suspects opened shots on tavern patrons.

It brings to four the total number of suspects arrested in connection with the July shooting incident. The suspects will appear in court on Monday.

Police spokesperson Brenda Muridili explains how they tracked down the suspects.

“On 22 September 2022, National Crime Intelligence officers arrested one suspect who was then linked to the Nomzamo shooting incident, in Johannesburg. The suspect was handed over to Gauteng’s Murder and Robbery Investigating Team for further handling. He then led the team to one of his accomplices who was arrested in Northern Cape on 23 September 2022. The team proceeded to arrest two more suspects, linked to a murder case for an incident that occurred in Kliptown in October 2021 where a Lesotho musician was killed. He is also linked to another murder and attempted murder case that occurred in Orlando in May 2022. The fourth suspect was apprehended on a warrant of arrest for a double murder incident that occurred in Doornkop in 2021 where two Basotho nationals were killed.”

Calls for assistance in locating suspects 

The Leader of the All Basotho Convention (ABC) party, Nkaku Kabi has called on people from Lesotho and South Africa to work together so that all suspects linked to the Soweto tavern shooting in July are apprehended.

Some of those who are wanted in South Africa are members of the ABC Party of Lesotho. In an exclusive interview with SABC News, Nkaku says his party does not support criminality and people should respect the laws of countries where they are.

“We just wish the South African government through SAPS and all the relevant departments and the Lesotho counterparts they get deeper into this so that anybody who was involved in activities like this they face the law. I think we have intelligence in South Africa and Lesotho, they know much better than we could know. The issue of guns, we have to stand up and make sure these countries are governable,” adds Nkaku.

Nkaku Kabi’s interview below: