Gauteng police have arrested two men believed to be running a kidnapping ring between the Western Cape and Gauteng. Eleven Ethiopian nationals that were held captive have been rescued following the arrest.
Police spokesperson Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo says an intensive investigation into one kidnapping case, led police to a home in Meadowlands, Gauteng.
He says the kidnap victims were found at a storage facility in Hennessey Street in Meadowlands.

Naidoo says the victims have since been reunited with their families.

“In Gauteng, there were two cases. In the first one, we rescued 52 Ethiopians and we arrested one man. In the latest one, we rescued 11 Ethiopians and we arrested what is possibly two brothers. The whole thing here started off with human smuggling, which turned to human trafficking then kidnapping. At different stages, there were different demands made, when we opened kidnapping cases, there was a demand for money. We have been successful in arresting suspects and rescuing those victims. With the help of the community – I think we can do much better.”