The two Limpopo women who died after they allegedly jumped out of a speeding vehicle they had hitched a lift in, have been laid to rest at Bismark village cemetery. Police say Khomotso Moagi and Mantshana Sekgobela allegedly jumped out of a double cab bakkie after it did not stop at their destination.

Their families however, believe they were killed somewhere else and dumped along the main road in Bismark village.

The families could not hold their back tears as the coffins were lowered into the ground. The pair’s bodies were found by passers-by along the main road of Bismark village on Tuesday morning.

Police say they jumped out of a moving bakkie after they had hitched a lift with three other patrons from a tavern at the nearby Metz village. According to the police, the other patrons escaped with bruises after they also jumped from the vehicle.

The two women’s families and community members who went to the scene however, say there were no visible bruises or dirt on the deceased to indicate that they had jumped out of a speeding vehicle. They also allege that police have bungled the investigations.

The Moagi family’s representative, Matome Makwala, says the family is concerned that the police have not communicated the progress of their investigations with them.

“This situation really hurts us a lot. We are also hurt that police have since visited our home once, we only saw them when they came to the scene and her body was moved.”

Sekgobela’s family representative, Masilo Matipa, says the families will only get closure once the post-mortem reveals the cause of death.

“To be honest, we are still in tears. We are in an awkward position because we don’t know anything about the death of our daughter. We only found our daughter lying on the road early in the morning. When we try to get the closure, they only tell us they are still investigating. I think we are only waiting for the post-mortem results to tell us what happened to our daughter.”

Hundreds of mourners sang hymns to comfort the families. Moagi leaves behind a seven-year-old daughter. Police are still looking for the driver of the vehicle that offered the five a lift.