Two teenagers in KwaZulu-Natal are making waves in their communities with their inspiring artwork. Clayden Botes and Paris Subraya are both teenagers with autism who through their artistic creations have pulled down boundaries and found expression in a world of shapes, colours and ideas.

Autism is thought to affect between one and two percent of people globally, that’s according to Autism South Africa. But there is growing concern that there are not enough educational opportunities for children with autism in South African schools.

Fourteen-year-old Clayden Botes spends his time drawing cartoons and colourful creations after being bullied at school.

“I felt like I was completely normal but for some reason, the kids were always judging me and making fun of me by the way I act. I dealt with that by picking up a pen and pencil and drawing and it made me feel comfortable as I got a chance to go to my own world and imagine different characters and how they would act and have fun with drawing.”

Two teenagers making waves with their beautiful paintings and sketches in KwaZulu-Natal: