Two KZN political activists in hot water over inflammatory remarks on Phoenix killings

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Two political activists have landed themselves in hot water following inciteful remarks made during events to highlight the killings which took place in Phoenix in Durban. The ANC has threatened action against its member, while a former EFF leader is facing criminal charges.

However, the former deputy chairperson of the EFF, Jackie Shandu, has now issued an apology for his “one settler one bullet, one Indian one bullet” remarks he made outside the Durban City Hall.

On Thursday, a coalition of civic groups calling itself Justice for Phoenix Massacre Victims marched to the city hall, calling for the establishment of a commission of inquiry into the deaths of more than 20 people in the Phoenix area, north of Durban.

The deceased were killed during unrest, sparked by the jailing of former president Jacob Zuma, more than two weeks ago.

During his address, Shandu was captured in a video that has since gone viral chanting “One Settler one bullet, one Indian one bullet.”

Shandu now says he does not condone violence.

“During our march, I made some problematic remarks which with benefit of hindsight now should not have been said. I said one settler one bullet, one Indian one bullet. I want to withdraw those remarks because I do not condone violence and I see the potential they have to sort of inflame already existing racial tensions,” he says.

Opposition parties laid criminal charges against Shandu.

DA KZN leader Francois Rodgers says violence is not the solution.

“We are informed by the senior officials here that the case has been open and it’s currently under investigation we’ve also handed over further evidence of racist and incitement slogans that are being posted on social media and we’ve asked for that to be investigated. We cannot continue on this vain using race and using violence as a solution to the problem we’re facing in our province.”

African Democratic Change leader, Visvin Reddy, says Shandu’s statement is reckless and it could have negative consequences.

“We cannot allow statements like that to be made and I realise that he is someone who is uneducated who doesn’t know the history behind our country. The role that SA Indians have played in this country to bring our freedom. When statement were made about kill the boer kill the farmer you saw the repercussions of that. Farmers we being killed on the farms. This is the implications of this reckless kind of statement. ”

ANC Youth League Task Team member, Sizophila Mkhize, is also in hot water for inflammatory remarks over the Phoenix killings.

She allegedly accused Indians of killing African people.

Now, the governing party is threating disciplinary action against her.

The ANC issued a statement, labelling her remarks as derogatory and racist. Report by Bongani Gema and Nonhlakanipho Magwaza

SABC News television report on this story in the video below: