Police are combing the scene for clues following a cash-in-transit-heist on Jakes Gerwel Drive, near Philippi on the Cape Flats.

Two G4S cash vans have been targeted in the latest heist on the corner of Weltreveden and Turfhall Roads in Cape Town.

The road has been closed where a large police presence is visible.

A group of armed robbers allegedly blocked the road using three vehicles and started firing shots at the direction of one of the cash vans.

Four security guards in the van escaped unharmed while another suffered head injuries. The robbers apparently used explosives to blow open a safe in the van.

Loads of cash is strewn on the road surface with the wind blowing away some of the money.

More than sixty bullet cartridges are also scattered on the road. Police from the Bomb Disposal Unit are also on the scene.

More than 150 cash-in-transit heists have taken place this year.

National Police Commissioner Kehla Sitole last week briefed Parliament on a five-point plan to deal with the issue.

Various stakeholders including the South African Reserve Bank, trade unions and the South African Banking Risk Centre were briefing the committee on strategies to curb cash-in-transit heists.