A resident and a Red Ants security relocation and eviction services’ employee have died following a violent confrontation between the Red Ants and a group of people in Rustervaal in Vereeniging on the Vaal.

Five other Red Ants employees have been rushed to hospital with serious injuries.

The Red Ants say they were attacked while trying to evict a group of residents who have been illegally occupying a plot of land. The people had been residing on the land for over a month now.

The situation is currently tense. Red Ants spokesperson Fuzile Balintulo says their members were attacked with pangas and knives.

“One has passed on and the second one is in the ICU and doctors are trying to attend to him. There’s additional four others guys of ours who got injured.  There were close to 700 shacks were had not done any demolition we were at the process of doing so when the violent crowds start attacking our guys,” says Balintulo.