Organisers of the Cape Minstrel Parade say it was their most successful “Tweede Nuwejaar” celebration in recent years.

This yearly event has been taking place for more than a hundred years. It was originally organised to celebrate the one day in the year that slaves didn’t have to work.

The carnival attracts scores of local and international tourists from countries such as Brazil, Germany and China, boosting the local economy.

Festival Director, Muneeb Gambino says, “We had 35 troupes who braved the heat of the day to showcase the best talent the Cape Flats has to offer. We are very proud of them, in particular, our youth.

“All around, it was a fun-filled family day without incident, something which all of Cape Town can be proud of. A particular thanks to the City of Cape Town and its teams and support services for ensuring we deliver a world-class event for the benefit of all of our people,” adds Gambino.

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