Turning around SA Post Office will not be easy: CEO Nomkhita Mona

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South African Post Office CEO Nomkhita Mona says it will not be easy to turn the parastatal around immediately as it has been on a downward spiral for years.

Mona says the Post Office should be given some time and funding to turn it around.

She says the cash will assist to implement what she calls the “new Post Office of tomorrow strategy”.

Mona was briefing Parliament’s Communications and Digital Technologies Committee on its implementation of the turnaround strategy.

“Having had SA Post Office on a downward spiral for more than seven years now, it is not going to be possible to turn it around almost immediately. But having said that, we are confident having looked from the inside, we are confident that we can indeed bring a Post Office of tomorrow. It may not look like the Post Office that people have seen in the past because the times have changed. The environment has changed and therefore we need an organisation that moves with the times. Now I think we need two things. We need time and we need some funding,” she explains.

South African Post Office continues to be in a deepening dire financial state: