Tunisians protest against ‘foreign interference’

Supporters of Tunisian President Kais Saied
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Hundreds of people rallied on Sunday in downtown Tunis in support of Tunisian President Kais Saied.

President Saied on Thursday blasted the international criticism as foreign “interference” and ordered the Tunisian Foreign Ministry to summon the ambassadors of several countries.

“No to foreign interference, because we are a sovereign state,” said Saber Rzigue, a protester on Sunday.

“We support the Tunisian leadership, particularly President Kais Saied.”

“We are against foreign interference and against traitors, even if they are Tunisian,” said Mohamed Hentati, another protester.

“Today, we want to contribute to history and stand against anyone who wants to occupy our country and try to change its social fabric,” he added.

Sunday’s rally also came after a protest and strike by lawyers earlier in the week over police raids and arrests in the National Bar Association.

But Saied replied on Thursday by saying the arresting of two lawyers was “in full respect for Tunisian law, which guarantees equality and the right to a fair trial.”

Demonstrators on Sunday defended the president. “Kais Saied is above all of us,” said Mahmoud, a protester who chose not to give his full name.

“It is in him that we trust. He brought us security and peace.”