Tunisian authorities dismantled an alleged terrorist cell in the coastal, north-eastern province of Sousse, the Interior Ministry said on Thursday.

The ministry said the cell – made up of 10 members aged 25-40, including two women – was the military arm of Ansar al-Sharia
(Supporters of Islamic Law) branded as a terrorist group in August 2013 after allegations of involvement in political assassinations.

The Interior Ministry did not specify when the suspects were arrested.

The cell members, according to the statement, were hiding in mountains and were behind attacks that targeted police and army
checkpoints. They also planted landmines in the mountains and areas near them.

The group communicated with terrorists inside and outside the country through the Telegram messaging app. They confessed to planning future terrorist attacks, the ministry said.

Last week, Tunisian police dismantled a five-member militant group in the town of Ettadhamen in the northern province of Ariana that was suspected of recruiting young people and sending them to fight in regional hotspots.

Tunisia has been the scene of terrorist attacks since last year, mostly claimed by the Islamic State extremist group.

– By ANA