Tumelo Madlala expected to give more details on what happened the night Meyiwa died

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Senzo Meyiwa’s childhood friend, Tumelo Madlala, has returned to the witness stand at the late former Orlando Pirates goalkeeper murder trial on Wednesday. He is expected to conclude his evidence.

Madlala is expected to continue giving details of what happened when during the time he says two intruders stormed into the house and demanded cell phones and money. He says the first intruder, who came in holding a gun was short, had dreadlocks, had a scotch hat on, and a brown or caramel jacket.   

Senzo Meyiwa Trial | Unpacking Tumelo Madlala testimony

On Wednesday, the state kicked off proceedings by focus on the condition which he found Meyiwa in, in the sitting room after the gunshot.

Madlala, on Tuesday, told the North Gauteng High Court that Longwe was the first to react, pushing one of the intruders on his way out. 

“When he pushed this guy at the opening, that’s when the people who were in the house got a chance to stand up. I think Kelly went into that room (pointing at the sketch.)” 

Madlala says there was a commotion at this stage. 

He says when he got up, he then saw a second guy who was tall. This is the man whose hand Meyiwa grabbed and pressed against the wall. 

“My intention was to get out of the house and when I got there, I hit the guy with a fist here (pointing to the left side of his face.) While I was there and Senzo held this guy against the wall, a shot went off. The one that came in first was being assaulted by Zandi, MaKhumalo, and Kelly because I think Kelly had my crutches.” 

Who exactly pulled the trigger

Once cross-examination commences Madlala is expected to  explain who exactly pulled the trigger. 

He has so far only told the court about a gun that was held by the first intruder, who at about the time of the gunshot was being assaulted by Kelly, Zandi, and Gladness Khumalo with his crutch. 

Madlala has not yet told the court whether the second intruder had a gun with him.  

Constantly exchanging deep stares with some accused, Madlala told the court at the sound of the gunshot he ran to the safety of one of the bedrooms and found Meyiwa laying on the floor of the sitting room between a couch and TV stand.  

Longwe Twala (Zandi’s boyfriend at the time), Kelly Khumalo (Meyiwa’s girlfriend), Gladness Khumalo (owner of the house), Zandi Khumalo (Kelly’s sister), Tumelo Madlala (Meyiwa’s friend), and Mthokozisi Thwala (Meyiwa’s friend) were the people who were in the house when Meyiwa was shot and killed.