Former president Thabo Mbeki says the best way Zimbabweans can honour late Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangiraiwould be by addressing the country’s challenges through the implementation of the 2008 Global Political Agreement.

The Movement for Democratic Change leader died in Johannesburg on Wednesday at the age of 65 after losing a battle with colon cancer.

Mbeki says Tsvangirai was committed to bringing change in the neighbouring country and describes his death as a  serious loss.

Mbeki brokered the 2008 agreement between the MDC leader and then President Robert Mugabe, which saw Tsvangirai becoming Prime Minister.

However, that relationship was short-lived and the agreement was abandoned.

“And it was indeed global, it gave them a new Constitution, agreements about what to do with the economy, politics, elections and all of these things.”

“It was a common platform of all the Zimbabweans in order to transform the country in the way that was agreed. And I am just saying that in tribute to Morgan, I think it would be good if Zimbabweans went back to that agreement because it’s a national perspective rather than a partisan perspective.”

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