Residents of the City of Tshwane have experienced load shedding on a rotational basis. On Saturday morning, areas in Mamelodi such as Buffer Zone, S&S, Khutsong, Tsakani, White City and Khalambazo were affected.

Power utility, Eskom earlier announced that it would continue load-shedding until Saturday evening.

Residents in the City have expressed frustration about power outage as a result of the ongoing load shedding as implemented by Eskom.

Small business owner, Violet Maoka, says load shedding is an inconvenience. Maoka says when there is a power outage, she is unable to run her business.

“I feel bad about load shedding because I earn my living through baking. So, in the morning, when I am supposed to bake … and I bake fresh cakes every morning. There are no cakes, because there is no electricity.”

Some residents say they keep warm by making fires, staying indoors and wearing warm clothes.

“There’s no way to keep warm. There’s only one way actually. It is to stay in bed which is an inconvenience because staying in bed the whole day, your life comes to a standstill,” one resident said.

Jackey Molebali is a job seeker. He says a number of companies he had approached had cited load shedding as a reason for experiencing losses.

“Load shedding makes our lives miserable because we can’t find work. When we are looking for work, they tell us that they can’t hire us because of this load shedding and stuff. So it’s a problem.”

According to a schedule the City of Tshwane published on its website, all its regions are going to be affected by load shedding albeit at different times. This will happen throughout the weekend.