Tshwane multiparty coalition to lay criminal charges against ANC councillors for assault

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The Tshwane multiparty coalition government says it’s going to lay criminal charges against African National Congress (ANC) councillors for violently assaulting the Speaker of Council, Councillor Murunwa Makwarela.

The incident took place on Tuesday during the Council meeting after ANC councillors attempted to disrupt the proceedings.

A chaotic situation as members of the coalition tried to defend the Speaker.

Attacks were apparently unleashed against him when he called for calm and order at the time when ANC councillors were allegedly attempting to disrupt the proceedings with their aggressive and violent behaviour.

“This should be brought to President Ramaphosa’s attention and he should rebuke those involved,” says Dennis Bloem from COPE.

City officials say the relevant ANC councillors have been identified and criminal charges will be laid against them.

“It’s clear that the ANC wants to destabilize the city by preventing council from sitting with their violence,” says Randall Williams: Tshwane mayor.

Others say this is the dark side of the ANC.

Political analyst Andrew Duvenage says, “It’s an organised strategy to get control over metros before elections and what is happening is a practice which is not aligned with democratic principles.”

Residents say this is shameful at a time when issues of service delivery are so many.

“They’re fighting because they’ve been excluded from the equation it’s all about them and what they want to gain through them,” says Oupa Mtshweni from Mamelodi Concerned Residents.

A comment from Tshwane ANC could not be obtained. The party only issued an advisory for a briefing scheduled for Thursday.