Tselane denounces IEC over employment confirmation letter

Terry Tselane
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Former Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC ) Deputy Chairperson, Terry Tselane, says he is unable to get a letter of confirmation from the Commission that he worked for from 2004 to 2018.

He requested a confirmation letter after he was nominated to become the Secretary General of the Association of World Election Bodies.

Tselane sent an e-mail to the Commission last Monday.

In a tweet, he reveals how disappointed he was after Commission Chairperson, Vuma Mashinini, referred him to the appointing authority, President Cyril Ramaphosa to confirm that he worked for the IEC.

Mashinini’s e-mail reads “On behalf of the Commission I wish to apologise for the delay in forwarding this response. The Commission only met today, 31 May 2019 to consider this and other matters. The Commission considered the request and concluded that your appointing authority would be best suited to write the letter confirming your employment as Commissioner and Vice Chairperson of the Electoral Commission for the periods indicated above. On behalf of the Commission I wish you all the best in this endeavour.”

In reaction, Tselane expressed his disappointment on his twitter account where he posted Mashinini’s response.

He replies: “What a great pity that an organization I dedicated my life for, for almost 20 years of my life is unable to confirm that I actually worked for them and the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Panama was able to do it with so much ease!.”