Trump’s peace plan may polarize the Middle East it seeks to calm

Donald Trump
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As United States (US) President Donald Trump prepares to host Israeli leaders in Washington to reveal details of his long-delayed Middle East peace plan, Palestinians warned on Friday that no deal could work without them on board.

Trump invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his chief rival centrist former general Benny Gantz to the White House next week, saying he would unveil the plan before his Tuesday meeting with Netanyahu.

But Nabil Abu Rudeineh, spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, said there had been no communication with the Trump administration, and that no peace deal could be implemented without “the approval of the Palestinian people and the Palestinian leadership”.

“This is the only way if they are serious, if they are looking for stability in the whole region,” Rudeinah said.

Israeli-Palestinian peace talks collapsed in 2014 and Palestinians have called Trump’s proposal dead in the water, even before its publication, citing what they see as his pro-Israel policies.

The Palestinians have boycotted political dealings with the Trump administration since it reversed decades of US policy on the conflict, splintering the international consensus.

It has refused to endorse the two-state solution – the longtime international peace formula that envisages a Palestinian state established in territory that Israel captured in the 1967 Middle East war.