Trump’s Christmas wish: ‘We’ve got prosperity. Now we want peace.’

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US President Donald Trump has taken calls from children, asking them what they wanted most from Santa, and revealing what was on his own wish list.  One boy wanted building blocks. Another wished for his grandmother to get out of the hospital. And as for Trump – who has sent a series of combative tweets since arriving at his Florida vacation home – he said he wants “peace for the country.”

“We’ve got prosperity – now we want peace,” Trump said to a five-year-old named Ryan, who called the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) to check on Santa’s progress.
NORAD has tracked the flight of Santa and his reindeer-pulled sleigh since 1955 when a department store misprinted Santa’s phone number, sending a flood of calls to a NORAD colonel, who played along.

Sitting in a gold chair beside first lady Melania Trump in an ornate, great room, the president enthusiastically chatted with youngsters and their parents. Reporters in the room could hear only the president’s side of the conversation.

In his trademark brash style honed during his career in the New York real estate world, Trump predicted the kids would have the greatest Christmas ever.  Casper from Arlington, Virginia, was a child after Trump’s own heart. “Building blocks! That’s what I always liked too,” the president exclaimed. As for Ryan, he told Trump he wanted his grandmother to come home from the hospital.
“That is great. That’s better than asking for some toy or something,” Trump said.