“Trump must address alleged racist remarks”

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African Ambassadors to the United Nations have suggested that President Donald Trump directly address concerns regarding his alleged racist remarks to African heads of state at the upcoming African Union Summit at the end of January.

This message was delivered by South Africa’s envoy to the UN Jerry Matjila in a meeting between the UN Africa Group and United States Ambassador Nicky Haley.

Haley met with the Africa Group after it issued a statement that they were appalled at and strongly condemned the outrageous, racist and xenophobic remarks related to immigration from Africa and Haiti among others.

Haley expressed her regret over what she termed the “political drama” around what was said at the White House meeting while Ambassador Matjila, on behalf of the group, told her it could be useful for Trump to address AU heads of state during their upcoming meeting in Ethiopia.

Haley said she didn’t know what was said in the meeting, but laid out a case for a continued strong relationship between Africa and the US, including some $66 billion spent through PEPFAR to combat HIV and AIDS on the continent.

Haley indicated that she would convey the Ambassador’s message to the President this week.