Joe Biden has been officially certified as the next President of the United States. This is despite violent protests by outgoing president Donald Trump’s supporters who stormed the US Capitol, forcing a delay in the electoral vote certification.

Meanwhile, Trump has issued his first statement since the protests raged, saying there would be an orderly transition on January 20 even though he totally disagrees with the outcome of the election.


Speaking with Aldrin Sampear on  SABC’s Behind The Headline, Professor of International Politics at the University of Birmingham, Scott Lucas, accuses Trump of launching an attempted coup.

“It was coup using not the military, using not USA  agencies and  it was not using state representatives. He was trying to use some of his supporters. He has been  trying to build  this up for months with  disinformation including on Twitter. He called on his supporters to march to the capital, knowing very well that they might charge it with the outcome that we saw on television.”

Prof Lucas also blasted senator Ted Cruz’s Wednesday speech and efforts to block Biden certification, describing him as a challenge to America’s democracy.

“When Ted Cruz tried to block confirmation of Joe Biden as president, he did so as challenge to the system, constitution and democracy. He is part of the problem, he a problem of the American system which will be there after Donald Trump has been removed from the office in 13 days.

According to Prof Lucas, Trump might contest for presidency again in 2024.

Below is Prof Lucas’ analysis of the latest state of affairs in America: