Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has criticised US President Donald Trump, saying he has failed to call for world peace. This after the US assassinated top Iranian General, Qasem Soleimani last week causing Iran to retaliate by firing missiles at air bases housing US forces in Iraq on Wednesday.

Trump now says the US is imposing additional financial and economic sanctions on Iran and has called for the country to abandon its nuclear ambitions and end what he calls all support for terrorism.

Motsoaledi says the world is in trouble if tensions are further escalated.

“Trump said nothing at all. In fact he didn’t speak like a head of state, he spoke like a militiaman who is praising having lots of weapons and all that – instead of calling for peace around the world, which everybody is striving for. It is quite unfortunate. In fact he is bullying all the nations, calling nations that are sitting with him in security councils to reconsider. I think we are in trouble; the whole world is in trouble because we’ve got a man who is the head of a very powerful nation, has no leadership qualities at all. It is very unfortunate,” says Motsoaledi.

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