Trump accepts Republican presidential nomination for a second term

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The Republican National Convention ended last night with fireworks over the Washington Monument after President Donald Trump officially accepted the party’s nomination for a second term.

In a speech that went on for more than an hour, he broke with legal traditions that seek to distinguish between government and political activity and used the White House as a backdrop for a campaign speech lashing rival Joe Biden, as a threat to American traditions and safety.

He framed the election as a choice between the American way of life – or Democratic mob rule.

‘Difficult to pick a clear winner’

But for US-based South African political commentator says she finds it difficult to pick a clear winner after both major parties completed their nominating conventions in the United States.

In a broad-ranging conversation with the SABC’s Sherwin Bryce-Pease, Washington-based Palesa Morudu also shared her thoughts on developments in her home country where she expressed the view that South Africa has an ANC problem.


Trump convention speech attracts smaller TV audience than Biden

Some 21.6 million Americans watched US President Donald Trump’s keynote speech on the final night of the Republican National Convention, according to preliminary ratings data on Friday that suggested a lower TV audience for Trump than Democratic rival Joe Biden.

The early Nielsen estimates published by CNN business reporter Brian Stelter, were taken across nine television networks and were expected to rise when Nielsen publishes final data later on Friday. They do not include online viewers.

Former Vice President Biden’s nomination acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention last week was watched on television by 24.6 million Americans, according to Nielsen data. Both conventions were held almost virtually because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump accepted his party’s nomination in a speech delivered in front of the White House.

Trump’s acceptance speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention drew a television audience of 32.2 million, according to Nielsen. -Additional reporting by Reuters