‘Troubles at Soqhayisa High School are caused by lack of cooperation from parents’

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The Eastern Cape Department of Education says troubles at Soqhayisa High School in Gqeberha are caused by lack of cooperation from some of the parents.

This follows a complaint by parents, who say their children have been sent away due to non-payment of fees among other things.

The parents allege that some learners quit school as they feared being embarrassed in front of their peers, due to non-payment.

Department spokesperson Malibongwe Mtima says the school has been engaging the affected parents.

“The school has been engaging the parents to ensure that there is an amicable solution, that has been reached. We are aware of this. It’s a work on progress, despite the fact that parents of these kids are not willing to cooperate, but the school and the EDO including the SGB have been consistently engaging them.”

Eastern Cape school accused of expelling learners for not paying fees:

The disgruntled parents say this is unfair, and against the law as they are struggling to make ends meet.

Some learners are reported to have given up on education, and are now looking for jobs, due to the humiliation they receive at this school.

The high school is well known for outstanding matric results and maintaining a reputation of a 100% pass rate.

However, learners say behind the walls, misery, pressure, threats and constant humiliation occurs.

One of the learners, who wished to remain anonymous, says she was recently sent home before writing her exam and threatened that she will not be allowed back, unless she pays some fundraising fee.