About 40 climbers have left South Africa to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro. The team will start their climb on Thursday hoping to summit Kilimanjaro on July 18, on Mandela Day.

The Trek4Mandela initiative was established in 2012 by Richard Mabaso, Chief Executive Officer of the Imbumba Foundation, when he overheard a conversation about some of the difficulties girls face during puberty. It is estimated that millions of girls miss out on school every month because of lack of sanitary towels.

According to organisers, the 60% of the climbers in the 2016 Trek4Mandela initiative are women. However, Climber, Letshego Zulu says men must also be part of the solution to girls who cannot go to school because of lack of sanitary towels.

This is not just for the women to jump on and help with. This is for the men to understand what we go through. This is something for us as a nation to be a part of,” says Zulu.

Wednesday 13 July 2016 14:50

The 2016 climb aims to raise enough funds to ensure that 350 000 girl children will not miss a day of school due to menstrual challenges. The initiative aims to reach 2 million girls by 2020.