Trek4Mandela expedition reaches peak of Mount Kilimanjaro

Trek4Mandela participants
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At least five out of the nine climbers that embarked on a journey to summit the highest point of Mount Kilimanjaro – Uhuru, deemed the peak of Africa, made it to the top.

The climbers included the CEO of Samsung SA, Sung Yoon, Mrs South Africa, Nicole Capper and 10-year-old Tshego Hatang, who reached the second highest point, Stella point.

The group was on a mission to raise funds for an annual supply of sanitary pads for young underprivileged girls, as part of the Trek4Mandela expedition.

Expedition leader, Sibusiso Vilane says what’s important is that no one was harmed during the journey, despite the hardship and the cold.

They put up as much as they did, with the people turned around because of not feeling comfortable.

They got some of the knowledge points on the mountain or the ultimate which is Uhuru peak.

“All of that for me is a huge success; to see a number of people safe. They have climbed as much as their abilities allow. So this is another successful Trek4Mandela in 2018.”

CEO of Samsung Africa, Sung Yoon, who made it to the highest point, has described the journey as a once in a lifetime experience.

“For me the night before we climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, I had a lot of symptoms including headache. I was worried if I can climb or not, if I could go to the summit. We had a very short nap of 30 minutes before we departed.”

“I had a terrible headache and it was getting worse. I was worried if I could climb. However I made it to the summit. That is all team work. And I am very grateful. Without the team I could not make it.”

CEO of the Imbumba Foundation, Richard Mabaso says the fundraising does not end there.

“It was a great climb. The vision was to highlight or commemorate Women’s Day. We will be getting back home to see how we fund raised. But some companies came on board including Nelson Mandela Foundation through their CEO.”

“We had lots of positive support from the public. The vision was achieved but we can always do more. We will continue when we get home. We will always support young girl to make sure they do not go to school without sanitary pads.”