Scopa puts brakes on grants tender ad

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National Treasury has until Monday to review the social grants distribution process and come up with measures to resolve problematic issues between Social Security Agency, Sassa and the Post Office.

Parliament’s Scopa and Social Development Committees have instructed Sassa to halt the advertising of the tender for distribution of the grants that was scheduled for Friday.

ANC MP, Vincent Smith proposed these steps at a meeting of all the stakeholders on Wednesday night.

“I think what Parliament is saying is that because you have both taken to support the Treasury route and we’ve agreed that it’s going to be four days. The first thing that we need to do must be an undertaking that the proposal to take a tender on the 3rd must be put on ice that must be something firm. Because you can’t negotiate and put a tender at the same time so that’s my firm proposal that the tender for the 3rd if it is still there must be put on ice,” says Smith.

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