Travellers warned of high risk malaria areas

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The National Institute for Communicable Disease (NICD) has warned travellers to various parts of the country and continent to look out for high-risk malaria areas and symptoms of malaria.

The NICD has issued a warning that malaria cases are expected to increase during the summer months with higher temperatures and rainfall.

Many people will also be exposed to malaria as they travel both internally and outside of the country’s borders.

Lucille Blumberg, from the NICD, who has called on the public to take the necessary precautions during this period, explains the symptoms…

“Usually quite a sudden onset fever is consistent, muscle pain, cold shivers, hot sweats, headache, feeling of really being very tired it’s a combination of symptoms and what people describe as flu-like illness it’s typical and there is no flu at this time of the year in Southern Africa so its malaria. If you’ve been in a malaria area and you do have a fever, any of these flu-like symptoms you must get tested for malaria.”

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